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Promo Cellestial Fluorescent kit

CELLestial ™ Assay Kits for Live Cell Analysis

Promo CELLESTIAL® Fluorescent kit

Illuminating your Results

A distinctive combination of reagents comprised of exceptional fluorescent molecular probes including CELLESTIAL® dyes for live, fixed and permeabilized cells. Products for drug discovery and research, in dynamic intracellular analysis with high spatial and temporal resolution for target, pathway and cell signaling analysis, reactive oxygen and reactive nitrogen species (ROS/RNS) detection, apoptosis and cell viability, and organelle functional dynamics.

CELLESTIAL® Cellular Analysis
High-specificity, next-generation fluorescent dyes for visualizing cellular responses.

Gold Standard Dyes
Conventional fluorescent dyes for organelle detection & function including Ion Detection, Cellular Staining, Cell Viability, Reactive Dyes and Stains.


CELLESTIAL® Cellular Analysis

High-specificity, next-generation fluorescent dyes for visualizing cellular responses

The use of fluorescent dyes to identify cell structural components and monitor cytotoxicity or cellular responses to growth signals is well established. In addition to a wide selection of gold standard labeling dyes such as DAPI, Hoechst, and JC-1, Enzo Life Sciences has translated its expertise in fluorescent probe chemistry and cellular analysis into our CELLestial® portfolio of unique probe-based assays and reagents to meet the emerging needs of the life sciences and drug discovery markets. From simple organelle specific dyes for imaging cell structure and determining cell viability, to more complex dyes and reporter assays for monitoring cell signaling, death pathways, and toxicity, every product is developed and reliably manufactured to provide sensitivity, specificity, and convenience.

  • Increased photostability reduces photobleaching
  • Reduce false positives by eliminating non-specific dye-associated artifacts
  • Compatible with common dyes and fluorescent markers (i.e., GFP) for multiplex analysis
  • Optimized for reproducibility on microplate, flow cytometry, or fluorescent imaging platforms
  • Widely published in peer-reviewed literature


Cell Death & Autophagy

No-transfection assays for detecting apoptosis, necrosis and autophagy.

Cell Function & Viability

High-performance dyes for cell cycle analysis, calcium mobilization, cell lineage tracing, and more.

Drug Safety & Toxicology

Consistent and economical dyes for in vitro toxicology assays.

Cell Structure & Organelle Detection

Multi-color organelle-specific dyes for co-localization studies and monitoring changes in cell structure.

Oxidative Stress

Monitor Oxidative Stress with Sensitive Assays for Mitochondrial Membrane Potential and accumulation of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

Termini & Condizioni

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  • Validità promo: fino al 31/12/2018
  • Spese di trasporto: 30€
  • Iva: 22% a vostro carico ai sensi di legge

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