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Tarsons is a leader in India in the production and supply of laboratory plasticware for use within Molecular Biology, Cell Culture, Genomics, Proteomics and Immunology.
Our mission is to produce quality products and ensure quality services. Thereby achieve complete customer satisfaction.

Jasmine Tower Suite 213,
31, Shakespeare Sarani,
Kolkata 700017
Phone: +91 33 2289 2952/53/54/55
Fax: +91 33 2289 2956

Our mission is to produce quality products and ensure quality services!!!

There by achieve complete customer satisfaction!!!

Tarsons is a leader in India in the production and supply of laboratory plastic ware for use within molecular biology, cell culture, genomics, proteomics and immunology. The name Tarsons `is synonymous with creativity, togetherness, quality and service. Quality principles apply to all-round activities of our organization: product development through production to customer service. At Tarsons quality is understood as the enhancement of our relationship with customer. Our main endeavor at Tarsons is to provide excellent range of modern products which exactly meets the today’s customer’s requirement. Further we add more value… at Tarsons we also serve our customer by providing the technical information so that our customer can select the right product to their best advantage and optimize the benefit. Tarsons is trying to develop new products in a new era emerging very fast…committed to. Serve the scientific community in realizing their dream. Serve the industry in achieving their objective.

Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd., presently a renowned name in laboratory accessories was initially a manufacturer of reusable plastic labware. With the passage of time, the company acquired sufficient experience and specialization in the field of laboratory equipment’s .by dint of its competence, Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd. diversified to manufacture disposable plastic labware, centrifuge ware, cryo labware, Tissue Culture ware and Liquid Handling System, Safety Products and Instruments.

Our strength:
We possess the expertise in plastic molding and have a sound knowledge of latest and inventive laboratory techniques. With our sincerity and aptness we have been serving the scientific community for around thirty years. We are devoted to provide you with the products that you need to accomplish your project.

Featured Products


These graduated tubes have frosted labeling surfaces and can withstand centrifugation Up to 20000 x G. The tubes can be easily and single handedly open and closed. They are ultra smooth polished interior surfaces that won’t adhere most proteins and have high clarity for optimum sample visibility. Micro Centrifuge Tubes are available in Amber and Low Retention Maxipenseâ„¢ version.
Certified DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free.



Maxipenseâ„¢, low retention surface is achieved by treatment on molecular level modifying the surface of the polymer with very low coefficient of friction which is not affected by radiation or autoclaving. These tubes are free from any additives which might contaminate your valuable sample.
Certified DNase, RNase and Pyrogen free.

Tarsons Products Pvt. Ltd, is facilitated by a manufacturing plant well-equipped with modern, updated machines and high precision tools. These enable production of high quality products which undergo stringent quality control tests. Superior quality of chaste materials is used to manufacture the entire range of products.

The products manufactured by us are latest, specialized and are designed specifically to cater the to the need of modern scientific community in research labs.

Tarsons, due to the excellent quality of its products has built a reputation for itself in the field of laboratory equipment’s. Our products are immensely applied in universities, research institutes, industries etc. we maintain regular contacts with our clients and encourage new innovative ideas from them regarding the improvement of our products.

Tarsons products Pvt. Ltd is exporting to a global market which include USA, Europe, Australia and South East Asia.
We also undertake custom molding of precision parts and packagings.