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Our History

La nostra storia


3V Chimica S.r.l. was founded in 1995 by an idea of ​​ Mario Vigna that makes available all his decades of experience in the marketing of laboratory products. The company initially managed by the father and two sons is soon destined for a new directional change. In fact, in 2003 the young Emiliano Vigna, after having acquired all the company shares, took the reins of the company.

The 3V Chimica is completely redesigned both in the structure and in the staff. In a short time the new offices are inaugurated and the logistics are expanded. Fundamental is the choice to bring the new warehouses near the offices. Thanks to this solution, 3V Chimica manages to optimize logistics management and delivery times.The strength of the company is undoubtedly represented by its team that is composed of young and dynamic professionals in the sector, combining commercial skills with an important scientific background. . Over the years, commercial partnerships have been established with historical suppliers and, more recently, important distribution agreements have been signed with internationally renowned companies such as Abbkine, ABT Beads, Applegen, Advanced Instruments, Analytikjena, BiOptic, BioSitemika, BQCKit, ChemFaces, Cleaver, Enzo Life Sciences, GeneDireX, GFL, Haethrow Scientific, IKA, Lambsystems, Micronic, Protherm Furnaces, Solida Biotech, TargetMol“.