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Instruments and equipment

Laboratory instruments

3V Chimica sells in Italy the most important international companies producing scientific laboratory instruments and chemical-pharmaceutical equipment for industry and research. Through direct and exclusive contact with major manufacturing companies, we are able to offer certified quality laboratory instrumentation and customized solutions for all kind of use. Our proposal includes a large catalog of scientific equipment of the highest quality with an offer designed to meet all the needs of chemical laboratories, pharmaceuticals, universities and research centers.

Laboratory reagents

Reagents and certified organic and inorganic chemical and physical standards for laboratories.
3V Chimica is a leading company in Italy in the distribution of laboratory materials.
We offer a wide range of chemical reagents and bio-reagents from the most important manufacturers able to facilitate the daily work of our customers.

Consumables for laboratory

3V Chimica distributes a wide range of laboratory consumables, selected among the best brands in the sector based on the strictest quality criteria.Consumables of 3V Chimica include: Pirex or Duran glassware, calibrated and blown glassware, metal articles, porcelain items, laboratory plastics (both for Molecular Biology and Cellular Biology) and miscellaneous consumables for daily laboratory work.

IT Services

Since 1995 3V Chimica S.r.l. also offers IT services. Thanks to a team of technicians and a fully equipped internal laboratory it is able to solve any kind of problem to satisfy its customers. Our philosophy is to integrate on all our products, in addition to the 12-month house warranty, a support service that includes support in the installation and configuration of your software, installation of printers and data migration from the old to the new PC, all included in the price of our quotation.