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Vision, Mission and Values

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We believe that our success is achieved through the success of our customers. Precisely for this reason each of our work activities is aimed at creating a relationship with the customer based on trust, mutual knowledge with the ultimate goal of satisfying the client’s work needs.


Our commitment is not only to provide consumable materials and instrumentation promptly, but also to support the customer in finding the right solution that satisfies his working needs, thanks to the technical and scientific competences of the sales team. The ability to interact with its customers in seeking and offering the most suitable working solutions make the 3V Chimica a reliable partner.


What drives us every day is the deep passion for our work, in a dynamic and professional young environment.

The spirit of initiative, the courage to challenge ourselves, and the willingness to change in accordance with the needs of the market are the engine of all our choices.

Every day we aim to reach and exceed our limits so as to increase the value of what we do!

Our entire company works according to an ethical code respecting the final customer and its suppliers. We act with integrity and respect on every occasion.

We work in synergy with our partners to offer them the best business solutions.