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Athena Enzyme Systems

From culture media to enzymes

The Athena Enzyme System™ business unit of Athena Environmental Sciences, Inc. makes and sells products aimed at improving the production and recovery of recombinant proteins. The Athena Enzyme Systems™ group manufactures and sells over 500 products for the biotechnology industry including: proprietary chromatography systems and resins, expression systems for production of proteins in E. coli; proprietary culture media designed to increase the expression of recombinant proteins; protein refolding and recovery reagents; specialty proteins for research and specialty chemical applications; proprietary cell culture reagents and serum-free medium for the propagation of human cell lines; and a broad-spectrum, one-step protease assay. The group offers products which include:

Biofox™ Chromatography Resins
ACES™ Expression Systems and Media
Cell Culture Products
Specialty Proteins
Protein Refolding Reagents
Enzyme Assays


Our Services


  •  Specialists in small volume custom media formulations
  •  Production of proteins from mg to kg
  • Dry powder and liquid media for commercial-scale production


Please inquire about our capabilities and the current availability of manufacturing space.

Athena Enzyme Systems™
1450 S. Rolling Road
Baltimore, MD 21227

Phone: (888) 892-8408 (Toll free)
Phone: (410) 455-6319
Fax: (410) 455-1155